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“We want to publish books
that surprise us.”

PUBLISHING HOUSE AHO & AHO is a company founded in spring 2019 by Kirsi and Jonni Aho, a married couple both of whom are writers. The company is based on love of literature. “We want to publish books that surprise us,” says Kirsi Aho.

The company’s first publication is the English-language book Fine Finland, which is targeted at foreigners interested in Finland. “The purpose of the book is to explain exactly what is so special about ‘Finnishness’. Over the centuries, we have grown up here in harsh conditions a little secluded from others, but now the whole world is open to us and we can also be rather proud that, as history has gone by, we have not sullied ourselves and do not need to apologise for who we are. Follow our example and we will follow the examples of others, where they are good. Finland has things that are lacking elsewhere: cleanliness, peace and space. Hopefully, these things can be conveyed through this book.”

Fine Finland

FINE FINLAND presents the different seasons of Finland in Lapland, the Archipelago and Helsinki. It includes Finnish traditions, culture, design, nature and seasonal food based on our own pristine ingredients, which have been prepared by three top-class Finnish chefs, Matti Jämsén, Markus Maulavirta and Jaakko Sorsa.